Why subscribe?

Why subscribe?

I write about climate change, clean energy, policy and politics - with the odd piece of law. We’re in a climate emergency, I think there’s no greater urgency than to be tackling these issues.

I have a habit of sharing all my best hottakes on Twitter, before fleshing them out into a more thoughtful and detailed piece of analysis - much to the annoyance of multiple previous employers.

This newsletter is motivated by a desire to ensure I actually dig deeper and deliver more than a 280-character thought bubble and share it with an interested audience!

What’s Tempests and Terawatts about?

This newsletter will focus on covering the latest climate science, emerging clean technology trends and calling out when both governments and corporates are greenwashing/cutting corners on actually doing something about the climate crisis.

Who am I?

This newsletter is written by Michael Mazengarb - I have spent more than a decade studying and working on climate and energy policy.

I have worked for federal and state governments on climate and clean energy programs, not for profits, and recently spent three years as a journalist with RenewEconomy

I completed a Science degree at the Australian National University, with majors in physics, and climate change science and policy. I’m currently completing a law degree at the University of Technology Sydney.

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